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I bought a house when I arrived in Seattle in 1983. When the transaction turned out to be a totally frustrating and distasteful ordeal, I asked myself why. Searching for the answer quickly lead me to a study about buying and selling real estate. I soon learned what had been missing in my first transaction as a home owner in Seattle, and it gave me the impetus to becoming the kind of real estate agent I wished I could have had!

After earning my license in 1985 I experienced many opportunities to live as well as work in many different areas in the region - I now enjoy a fascinating career matching people and properties in the greater Puget Sound area. My goal in all of these transactions is to create a pleasant and happy win-win situation for both buyer and seller. Such transactions have included buying and selling single family residences, as well as properties for investment involving commercial leasing and 1031 exchanges. My services have not been limited to matching people and properties, however. There have been opportunities to assist clients in finding second residences, in helping to buy or sell their furnishings, in staging properties for sale, in suggesting ways of refurbishing or redecorating and in helping to find schools, churches, and legal or medical advice. No wonder, then, we find ...

"No dream too big, no house too small"
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