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Welcome to our client testimonial page. Here you can read what our happy home owners have to say about their home buying and home selling experience with us.

Jeffrey & Dorothy Angwin

We met Jeffery 6 years ago when we walked into an open house he was doing in Duvall. We had been driving around looking at homes trying to get an idea of where and what we wanted in a house and if we really could afford one. He made us feel like we could get any house we wanted. He took the worry out of the process and we scheduled a meeting the next day where he would show us some houses in the area.

He arrived with his wife Dorothy, a sweet wonderful woman, and took us for a drive. We felt like old friends and so comfortable. They showed us 4 houses, one of which became our first home. We were in it in no time and absolutely were so happy with our piece of the sky.

We kept in touch with Jeffrey and Dorothy and in about 4 years, we decided to start to look for a smaller home closer to my husband's work. We, of course, called Jeffrey up and had him take a look the house and see what we needed to do to get it ready to put on the market. After having the list in hand and ready to do some minor sprucing up, Jeffery again took us for a drive and we found our second home. Put an offer in and low and behold... they took it, now we just have to sell the first one... Yikes!

We got it on the market and there were others in the neighborhood for sale too. We were anxious and worried as they sold houses around us and we had no bites. I would call Jeffrey fretting and he would have me talk with Dorothy, who took away my fears and we put our faith in Jeffrey. They kept saying it only takes one. They just haven't come by yet... He had many open houses until the one couple came in and fell in love with it. Got the offer and started moving...

We've been in the second home Jeffrey helped us find for a little over a year now. We have a bigger piece of the sky now and are thrilled. We hope that this is our last home but know that with his commitment and friendship, if we ever decide to move, we'll be calling him again!

Thanks Jeffrey!

Dear Jeffrey:

Now that I have finally unpacked and settled in at my new location, I feel compelled to let you and Dorothy know what a pleasure it was working with both of you. You assisted me in ways that far exceeded my expectations. You not only assisted me in locating a reputable moving/storage company, but also located a town home for me to lease since I was unable to find one to purchase within such a short time frame. I didn't expect my house to sell so quickly but of course I'm quite pleased, and forever grateful for your kindness and professionalism.

Although I have signed an extended rental agreement, when I decide to resume my search for a new home, please be assured that I will enlist your services again. I feel as though I've gained two new friends. Also, if you're in the neighborhood in the near future, please feel free to stop for a visit.

W. F. Henderson

"When we relocated to the Seattle area, Jeffrey Angwin worked diligently to help us locate and close on our dream house. He is an experienced agent, who handles all situations professionally. Being an out of town buyer has its challenges; Jeffrey sorted through and tracked each issue, until positive conclusions were reached."

Woodinville, WA

"As a person who had purchased only one house, thirty-nine years ago, I knew nothing about the procedures, rules and regulations governing the sale of real estate. Jeffrey's experience, knowledge and ability to explain the language gave me a feeling of confidence in this very important business transaction."

Nancy Mendenhall
Kirkland, WA

"Jeffrey found out what I was looking for, didn't try to change my mind about it and showed me just what was in my price range and my specifications. He did an excellent job in helping me find my dream house.

Thank you!"

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